100% of birthday donations to the YBM help people in need.

You can transform lives for families in your local communities and for families around the world. Every single penny helps communities and people in need. Read more to learn how to share Your Birthday Mission this year. 

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Change the world in a few simple steps

Donate Your Birthday

Share Your Campaign

Inspire Your Friends

Donate your birthday to raise money and awareness for a cause that aligns with your mission

Invite your friends, family and colleagues to share your birthday mission and to donate if they want to support you

Inspire your friends, family and colleagues to donate their birthdays each year to a cause they are passionate about

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Hey, I'm Trevor!

Phoenix, Arizona

Charity Water Advocate and Donor since April 2017

Creator of the Your Birthday Mission since January 2018

I want to inspire and work with Charity Water so I can help change the world. I realize hundreds, probably thousands, of other very talented people do as well, so to show you the kind of value I’ll bring to Charity Water, I’ve decided to be proactive and I have analyzed a new global movement to give you my two cents on where Charity Water should focus (a sliver more of its attention to) next:

Hint - there's a reason I said more

Please scroll through the report and email or get in touch with me when you’re done :)


Charity Water Is Absolutely Changing The World

In 2006, Scott was the first person to ‘donate his birthday’ and Charity Water was born.

Charity Water has also created, expanded to and partnered with some of the following

These numbers are dynamic, and we update them periodically as we receive current information from Charity Water. (Just click on each number and it'll take you to the up to date figures)

Since 2006

Click on all the images below to learn more


Scott wrote Thirst to share his personal story about building charity: water into one of the most trusted and admired nonprofits in the world. Click on the image of the books to learn more and to get your copy today

What's Missing?

Compared to other options for people to now ‘donate their birthday’ online, Charity Water’s penetration across 19,000,000+ birthday’s celebrated each day remains extremely low.

On May 5th 2017, this article was published. And on May 11th, 2017, this article was published. Scott and Charity Water's movement inspired Facebook to implement this for any Facebook user!

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Facebook has been helping users celebrate their birthday on the platform, as far back as 2005. Now, 12 years later, it’s bringing a few new tools that will help people celebrate that special day a little differently. 

Facebook can now connect the 165 million active monthly users in the United States to over 750,000 U.S. nonprofits.

Facebook users are now being prompted to ‘donate’ their birthday to their favorite charity or cause they care about or believe in. Roughly 1 in 30 Facebook users are already telling someone ‘Happy Birthday’ each day.

Click for more information

Both Scott and Gary talk about 'What's Missing' at the end of the #AskGaryVee Show, Episode 210 (click link). Scott asks, "How would we make that such a compelling program? How do we inspire people for the next decade? Gary then responds, "What's the next scalable version of the birthday thing?" I have the answer to all three of those questions: The Your Birthday Mission

Why This Matters

Facebook launched this ‘birthday donation tool’ between May and August of 2017 in the US

Between September and November of 2017, Facebook launched these tools in 16 European countries


On November 29th, 2017, Facebook announced that 100% of donations made through Facebook payments to nonprofits will now go directly to those organizations – mirroring what Charity Water started when it was created years ago

Scott Harrison and Charity Water are consistently mentioned as the trendsetters for this movement of people who are ‘donating their birthday to a charity’ in numerous articles online

There’s a new way for Charity Water to use the movement Scott started to help more get people clean water faster in developing countries. Keep reading :)

What Else Is Missing?

Amongst organizations that celebrate an anniversary, Charity Water’s penetration across all of these organizations remains extremely low, almost non-existent.

In addition to people’s birthdays, organizations that people love, admire, make up and live for have birthdays of their own too; they are just usually called an anniversary, founding date, incorporation date or a start date.

Did you know that the average American spends over 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime? Check out some other interesting stats here

Why This Also Matters

There are over 19,000,000 people around the world who celebrate their birthday everyday. 

Not only is your birthday a reminder of your existence, each year it’s a new chapter of your personal story. Your birthday is part of what makes you human. Some of the other things that make you human include where you work, your favorite sports teams, the school you went to, where you currently live and where you’ve lived in the past as well.


Here are some of the things that are part of Trevor's personal story. (Click on words that are highlighted)

Launched on May 12th, 2014

Established on August 11th, 1919

Created on July 26th, 1848

Incorporated on February 25th, 1881

Admitted to the Union on May 29th, 1848


I worked at Opendoor from February 2017 until May 2018

I'm a diehard Green Bay Packers fan and I bleed green and gold

I attended the University of Wisconsin Madison and bleed red (literally)

I was born in and grew up in the great state of Wisconsin

I currently live in Phoenix Arizona and it's been my home since July of 2016 

United States.png

Declared a nation on July 4th, 1776

I am a citizen of the United States of America

Where To Start

After being inspired by Scott Harrison’s birthday movement with Charity Water, Facebook has recently functioned as this new ‘birthday donation’ platform. I believe companies are next to join this movement. There will be a day when it's the new normal to donate your birthday to a cause you believe in; and it's all because of Scott Harrison and Charity Water.


The Your Birthday Mission is going to do charity differently. YBM's vision is to reinvent and redefine how people and companies give, on their birthdays, by thinking about why we give in the first place, by inspiring people to share part of their story. See what others are saying about the YBM here


There are over 30 million businesses in the United States

Each company has a start date or incorporation date. Thinking about how these companies want their colleagues, customers and communities to perceive  them is important. Let’s help them tell their communities and the world their companies and employees Birthday Mission's and their stories each year 

Celebrating Company Birthday’s are the Key to Ending the Global Water Crisis by 2030

Every human has a birthday. And every company has a start date. Birthdays have become everyone’s individual platform to share his or her story with the world. Soon, it’ll be the same for companies everywhere and companies will someday have the responsibility to be each employees first donation toward their Birthday Mission

Can Charity Water Work With Companies To Celebrate Their Birthdays Today?

The answer is yes! You did it 12 years ago with revolutionizing how people donate to charities on their birthdays through storytelling. Charity Water now has the opportunity to help reinvent how organizations share their stories and their employees stories by donating their birthdays to charities that support their company missions, their 'why' and their employees 'Birthday Missions' too!

when people buy their products, use their services, get great reviews online, have great internal culture, a fulfilling workplace and environment for their colleagues, get good PR, praise for doing good in their local communities and get noticed for doing something charitable.

not having good online reviews, needing a better sense of culture for their employees, finding out how to better help their team members with work-life balance, and not getting recognized when they have done something good in their local community.

Companies Complain About

People Complain About

companies that have fantastic customer service, focus on a purpose greater then just profits, that are mission driven and that have social expectations for doing good, giving back and positively changing their local communities

companies not being transparent, ethical, honest, true to their mission or core values, for not starting and ending with a purpose, for not being charitable and giving back and for not giving their colleagues enough of a voice for what matters to them at work and in their lives


There is real value in embracing Facebook with this birthday movement. The reality is that Charity Water started this movement and now ‘donating your birthday’ is doing so much more then just helping those who don’t have access to clean water. It’s truly something to be proud of. There is real value in encouraging any company or individual to join this movement for what they truly believe in and owning that Charity Water started it on Scott’s 31st birthday back in 2006.

Consistent Inspirational Opportunities

What if our employers inspired their employees like I inspired Marlowe? 

I believe that companies will have the responsibility to try and make their employees feel this way. I believe in the future, companies will have the responsibility to be the first to donate to their employees ‘Birthday Missions’ that their employees care about if they want to donate their birthday to a cause they believe in. The companies that do this will win in the long run. 

Even though Marlowe is extremely passionate about clean water, that's not going to be everyone's 'Birthday Mission'. See what others are saying about the idea of the YBM here

Finally, you wouldn't be reading Trevor4CharityWater if it was't for a lot of people, but especially Marlowe. We met at a startup company called Zenreach and even though we weren't working together during our birthdays in January of 2018, she mentioned that Zenreach's philanthropy committee was thinking about joining the cause. That's when this all clicked for me.

If you'd like to learn more about Marlowe's story, you can read it here

Remember, people want to be inspired. People want to do good. People want to give. People want to belong. People want to tell their story. People want to be cared for. People want to find happiness. People want to find meaning. And people want to live a life of purpose.

What These Partnership Opportunities Look Like

Over 7.6 billion birthdays celebrated in the world each year - and counting

Millions of influencers that inspire people to become the best they can be

Over 30 million small businesses in the United States

Your Universities

Your Sports Teams

Over 4,500 colleges and universities in the United States

Over 100 professional sports team in the United States

Your Cities

Your States and Country

Our World

Over 19,000 incorporated cities in the United States

50 states in the United States of America

195 Countries in our World

Millions of charities that need help, support and love to accomplish their missions

Key Regional and Global Events in This Movements Future

July 4th, 2026

July 24th-August 9th 2020 is the Summer Olympics 124th year birthday

April 6th, 1896 was first ever Summer Olympics

Feb 4th-Feb 20th, 2022 is the Winter Olympics 98th year birthday

Jan 25th, 1924 was first ever Winter Olympics

The 250th birthday of the United States of America is on July 4th, 2026


We’ve got a little bit of time, but let’s not waste it! This movements already begun. It's time to inspire and reach more people

Why Did I Do This?

I fell in love with Charity Water almost 18 months ago. First, as a viewer of the Charity Water video called The Spring, and then as a donor, I found myself completely enamored by Charity Water’s mission in the world.


On May 31st 2018, I quit my job at one of the fastest growing startups in the nation with the hopes of partnering with Charity Water to change the world. I already realize that there are millions of other people and organizations that are all just as inspired by Charity Water and their mission as I am, but I’m determined to find a way to contribute to our future.


To understand more of my story and to see who inspired me, you can read more here.

Quitting OD.jpg
Quitting OD 2.jpg

Why I Love Charity Water

I believe in Charity Water’s Mission of bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Everyone should have access to clean water

I love how people’s birthdays and Facebook’s platform have recently built bridges to connect those in need for hundreds of thousands of nonprofits. The fact that Facebook has followed Charity Water’s concept of ‘donating your birthday’ is something to be incredibly proud of

Externally, Charity Water has inspired and built an amazing community of millions of people that want to make their personal life story about giving to people in need and that need our help

Working with Charity Water to help them accomplish their mission provides the opportunity to have an impactful and meaningful life; a true life of purpose, and a way to give back in our world

Why I Belong Working Alongside Charity Water

Water + Sanitation Hygiene (WASH)

I drink a lot of water, between 1 and 2 gallons daily. Outside of the occasional mixer needed for a cocktail, I don’t drink soda and I’m also not a big juice guy - waters my 'go to' drink of choice. I also shower every single day and do my best to keep my hygiene in great condition, even though Gaby occasionally calls me ‘stinky’. Until seeing The Spring, I took all of that for granted.

An Emphasis on Rural

To me, an ‘emphasis on rural’ means nobody gets left behind. It means everyone. By emphasizing that the Your Birthday Mission is for anybody and any organization with a birthday that wants to share their story and their mission with the world, we will be able to get even more resources in the real rural areas faster to help more people in need.

Diverse Solutions

Concentrated Impact

I’ve thought differently about how to inspire people, and even organizations to join Charity Water’s mission - through their own mission. With the Your Birthday Mission, anybody who donates their birthday to a cause they believe in will also have the option to additionally donate their age in dollars that year to the Your Birthday Mission to support Charity Water. When a lot of people give a little, we can do some incredible things.

With the Your Birthday Mission, every individual and organization will be able to share their story each year on their birthday through our 'social good platform'. This will increase the impact and value of each campaign, charity and cause that each person or organization posts about and shares each year. That way we maximize the spotlight for each individual or organization every year on their most important day.


Invest in Local Partners

I see any person and any organization with a birthday that wants to share their story as a possible partner with the Your Birthday Mission. The Your Birthday Mission is going to add additional value to people's lives and also include a way for organizations to share their mission too. By building a ‘birthday mission platform’ for people, we are going to invest into what our partners, people and organizations, care about and how they want to give back to causes like Charity Water that are making a difference.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.02.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.02.38 PM.png

Diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.


In Africa alone, women spend 40 billion hours a year walking for water.


Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.02.30 PM.png

Clean water helps keep kids in school, especially girls.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.02.46 PM.png


Women are responsible for 72% of the water collected in Sub-Saharan Africa.

I really love Charity Water because Charity Water helps people live a healthier life, gives people time back in their lives, allows children to go to school so they can learn and this all empowers women

Where I'll Belong

I’m committed to building my personal legacy around sharing people’s birthday missions with the world and helping as many people as I can get access to clean water by working with Charity Water through inspiring people and organizations to donate their birthday’s to causes they believe in.

Prove every project

We're an open book

100% goes to the field

The Your Birthday Mission will help Charity Water prove more projects, faster, helping more people without clean water sooner.

The Your Birthday Mission is the ‘Storybook of birthdays’ for individuals and organizations and it’s open to everyone. Everyone will be able to share what matters to them on their biggest day with us each year.

100% of the proceeds from people additionally donating their age in dollars to the Your Birthday Mission will go straight to Charity Water. Once we’ve solved the global water crisis and everyone has water, then we can allocate these ‘age in dollar funds’ to other worthy causes to keep humanity moving forward.

About The Data


Charity Water - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE9UvT5ujyg

'Start With Why' - https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action

© 2018 Trevor Marks. Charity Water and Birthday Advocate